The Bug Bounty Show

The Bug Bounty Show

We at the third edition of BSides Ahmedabad are elated to host the The Bug Bounty Show. Put your foot forward and deliver a lightening talk on the best of your awarded hunt. We are giving a platform to showcase your methodologies used to crack the most unique bug.

Call for Paper is now Open. We encourage you to check the guidelines and submit your abstract accordingly. Basis evaluation, we will be reaching out to the selected entries with further plan of action.

You are invited to submit your most interesting or impactful findings at the "The Bug Bounty Show" track in Bsides Ahmedabad 2022.

Rules :

  1. Talk must be related to Bug Bounty.
  2. The length of Lightening Talk should be between 15-20 mins only.
  3. Please include your most impactful findings.
  4. The submissions will be reviewed by our Esteemed Review Board Members.
  5. Last date of Submission: 10 September 2022
  6. Please adhere to program t&c and take approval before disclosing
  7. Please omit client name if private program.
  8. Please also omit client name if you haven’t got approval

Benefits :

  1. Shared accommodation for a night for new impactful findings (not shared anywhere)
  2. Invite to Speakers Dinner
  3. Professional Passes of BSides Ahmedabad
  4. Speaker Goodies